Our underwriters dive deeply into every risk submission so that an informed underwriting decision can be designed and delivered. StartPoint’s collaborative underwriting approach adds to the unique value we bring to our clients.

Backed by a leadership team who understands how to build a successful platform from the ground up, we possess solid relationships with key broking houses in both London, the US and globally. These relationships are a direct result of many years of trading together, relationships that only time can cultivate.

At StartPoint, we take our role seriously. In fact, writing a portfolio that consists entirely of executive liability and financial lines exposures ensures our team focuses solely on these risks and is not hindered by other classes of business.

We start and end every underwriting solution with our core underwriting principles in mind. These principles give us the insight to understand where potential opportunities may exist, as well as understand how we can best work together with our clients.

We support an underwriting framework and platform for our syndicates to achieve growth in this critical class of business. This framework is built upon clearly defined guidelines as well as specific portfolio and cycle management strategies to individual risk selection criteria.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Transparency: an underwriting mentality that demonstrates transparency with our clients and trading partners
  • Empathy: treatment of our partners’ capacity as if it were our own
  • Entrepreneurial: an entrepreneurial and innovative underwriting mentality
  • Responsiveness: timely and thorough response to our clients
  • Communication: open and frequent communication equates to a superior level of service